Monday, 26 January 2015

BBC School Report

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Saturday, 29 March 2014

The BBC trip...

5 boys were lucky enough to go to the BBC on the day - here are some photos from the day.


Thursday, 27 March 2014

Some comments from the group...

"It was very interesting and we had a lot of work to do" Ramir

 "It was so fun and interesting for me to do" Jaiden 

 "The day was intriguing and very interactive. Definitely coming next year..." Alan

Well done boys!

The final film!

Here is the long version - feel free to click on the individual stories below, Thanks for watching!


Entertainment news

Kieran, Rhys and Ramir bring you the entertainment news...

Sport update!

Jaiden & Edward have a sports update, will Moyes survive until the summer?

5. sports news jaiden and edward from Media @ St. Bons on Vimeo.

Health Story_We have an obesity crisis in young children

Keenan and Anthony bring you an update on why our nation has a childhood obesity problem.

Political update_Farage vs. Clegg on Europe

Alan and Khama bring you a political update...

International news story_Flight MH370

Andrew & Ekiel reporting on the Malaysian flight story

Photos from the editing phase....



Some music news!

Research is underway...




Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sports News

Sports news
Hi my name is Jaiden and today I am your reporter. The latest news: New Charlton owner Roland Duchatelet says he is going to sell Charlton’s best players to Standard Liege.
This morning the new Charlton owner announced that he was going to sell Charlton’s best players to the other teams that he owns.
A fans reaction to the new owner’s decisions: Barnie Razzell, Charlton Athletic Supporters' Trust: "There are some key questions around the model. Sure there are benefits like the loans, transfers and scouting network. But clubs will surely compete for the best players - who win? And can one owner focus on all those clubs at once?" 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Ukraine crisis

Russian parliament has said they can take over Crimea territory and they’re going to take a referendum on 16th of March by the region’s people. Legal issues have been an issue with the takeover of Crimea as it was part of the Soviet Ukraine and remained until the Soviet collapse in 1991. Russia has understood that they can’t take over Ukraine and its present borders, as of yet, by many reasons, such as; The Budapest memorandum in 1994 and the 1997 agreement on the stationing of the Black sea. Russia are playing it safe and not using force, unless shots are fired. We only have to wait what the next move is by Russia. This was Umar at Kiev, Ukraine. Back to the studio.  

Snake VS Crocodile

Snake eats crocodile after battle
A snake versus a crocodile ended up as a result that gave the world a great shock.

The incident at Lake Moondarra, Near mount Isa was a complete shock to the camera man.The 10-ft snake started to suffocated the crocodile and dragged it out of the water, then started to engulfed the crocodile.

The snake was 5ft long and the swallowed crocodile was 15ft long increasing its length to 20ft.  A lot snakes can swallow birds rat and other snakes but this was outstanding.  The video itself was actually a huge sensation.
Kieran  – nature news 

welcom to st bonaventures bbc school report 2014

welcom to our bbc school report my name is Jaiden and i am going to be blogging for our school

Saturday, 1 March 2014

French revolution

French revolution

An exciting match one everyone has been waiting for France VS Honduras. They are rank 33 in the world and France is rank 17.

We are off, kick off taken by Honduras a fast start with both teams moving the ball quickly. 3 minutes into the match a great save by lloris the French goalkeeper followed by lots of pressure by the French. In the seventh minute Patrice Evra got a yellow card for an appalling tackle, the games first yellow card. Most of the French shots were getting tipped over Vallad the Honduras keepers’ bar. There was some nice football by France and a near chance for Griezman.

After fifteen minutes Honduras were trying to hold on when there was an injury for Honduras which caused them to make a substitution. France plays around Honduras. A yellow card is given to Palacios for a horrendous tackle and Pogba for his reaction. The French had increased their number of attacks.

After the 30 minute mark each team had some counter-attacks but Griezman gives the ball away in important part of pitch.

Five minutes until half-time, and a red card for Palacios and a penalty for France Benzema takes and he scores.

The second half starts France play around Honduras and a break away from France and Benzema scores, no wait, own goal. This should have been Benzema’s goal.

A lovely shot back where it came from hits the inside of the post then bounces across the line rebounds off the keeper and roles over the line before the keeper scoops it out. 1st time goal line technology really needed in the world cup.
50 minute mark there is a hand ball, free kick for France. Cabaye takes it over the wall, Goal! Oh no side netting.

 Lovely tackle by Sakho and a counter-attack for France and shot gets put over bar by keeper. Corner to France the corner comes in and is cleared out of the box but comes back in and is at Benzema’s feet the wolup in the top of the net, goal! France holding on shot over bar by Matuidi, three added minutes the final whistle blows 3-0 whitewash.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

If you want to take part, what do you need to do?

You need to attend BBC School Report club on Monday after school at 3.25 in Rm 35.

You need to ask your parents to sign the consent form and bring it back to Mrs Lory by Wednesday 12th February.  If you loose the letter you can find a copy of it here to print off.

Bring in a passport size photo for your special BBC press pass.